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FreeFileSync - an open-source file and folder comparison and synchronization tool

We often try to keep a backup of all our data in our computer to a external storage such as HDD, network storage etc.  Over a period of time maintaining a synchronization between data on the computer and external storage becomes if you don not have good backup tool. FreeFileSync  helps us in resolving this poblem.  FreeFileSync is very easy to use and syncs the data in quick time. This tool can be downloaded here.

How to change default shell from dash to bash in ubuntu

Ubuntu 6.10 onwards the default shell was changed from bash to dash. If we want the bash to be the default shell in Ubuntu  then following command will reset it back to bash shell safely.

# sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

Linux Stress Utility

Stress is a workload generator for linux operating systems. It allows the user to configure the amout of CPU , memory, I/O and disk stress to be applied on the linux system.  Below example shows you how to create a load of 4 on the linux system.  Note : You need to use this tool wisely, a huge workload created by stress might render the system unusable resulting in force reeboot of the Linux system. You might also need to change the configurations depending on the hardware capability.
The below example puts a load average of 4 on the linux system.

# stress --cpu 2 --io 1 --vm --vm-bytes 128M --timeout 10s --verbose

For downloading and more information on stress, click here

How to download all your data from google

We can download a copy of all our data hosted on google using Google Takeout . Check it out .