How to reset root password in OpenSuSE and SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

 In case you have forgot the root password in your OpenSuSE or SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop system, the following steps will help you in resetting your root password.

  1. Turn on your system.
  2. In the grub menu select the kernel you want to boot and press tab to shift focus to "Boot Options"
  3. Now type ,    init =/bin/bash ( if you are using GRUB boot loader)  or linux init=/bin/bash ( if you are using the LILO boot loader). Press Enter to continue.
  4. You will see a prompt such as  (none)# in the teminal.
  5. Now run command mount , to verify whether your  "/"  volume is mounted or not.
  6. If mounted, Run passwd command in terminal to change the password for root.


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