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How to Disable System Integrity Protection(SIP) or rootless mode in OS X El Capitan.

System Integrity Protection or Rootless mode is a security feature of OS X El Capitan operating system  by Apple Inc. It protects certain system processes, file and folders from being modified or tampered with by other processes even when executed by the root user or by a user with root privileges(sudo). Following are the the key concepts of System Integrity Protection.
1. System Locations Cannot Be Written To  -  System files can be modified only by system processes signed with Apple’s code signing identity. App processes should instead write to locations designated for third-party developers.
The following directories can only be written to by the system: 
System-Only Locations 
    ● /bin      ● /sbin      ● /usr      ● /System 
In contrast, the following directories are available to any process: 
Locations Available to Developers      ● /usr/local      ● /Applications      ● [~]/Library 
All directories in /usr except for /usr/local are restricted to the system. Apple app directori…

How to change the default font in Outlook for Mac 2016 on OS X.

It very easy to change the font style in outlook for Mac 2016 on OS X. Follow below steps to change the default font.

Open "Outlook"  application on Mac.Open Preferences of Outlook       3. Click on Fonts to change the default font settings for the outlook.
     4. Select the desired font to set as default font.
     5. Close the preferences window.      6. Click on New Email, Now your default font would set to the newly configured font style.