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plutil - a very usefull command line tool on mac to edit encoded plist files

plutil - is a very useful tool to decode and encode the plist files on OSX system. The tool can be used decode the plist file to human readable format in Terminal which would help user to edit the plist files in terminal using vim or nano etc.

plutil -convert xml1 [path_to_the_plist_file]

The above command will decode the plist file to a readable xml format in command line.

plutil -convert binary1 [path_to_the_plist_file]

The above command can be used encode back the file to original binary format from command line.

How to add tab completion in Apple OS X

Tab completion in Linux is a very useful feature. On OS X the tab completion can be enabled as well. The tab completion can be enabled on OS X by adding few lines to .inputrc file.
Method: Open Terminal.appGo to your home directory such as  /Users/user.Open vim to create .inputrc file in home directory by running following command.vim .inputrcAdd following lines to the fileset completion-ignore-case onset show-all-if-ambiguous onTAB: menu-completeSave the file using "esc + :wq" in vim.Now open another tab to see the changes to tab completion in bash shell.