How to fix the drive not getting opened upon double click in windows when infected with autorun.inf virus

We often see the disk drives such as USB's / Harddisk partitions do not get opened in windows when we double click on the disk icon in explorer after machine is infected with autorun.inf virus. This is due to hidden autorun.inf presence in the root directory of the drive ex: C:\autorun.inf or I:\autorun.inf where I:\ refers to a USB disk. The below said steps will help you in fixing this problem very easily

  1. Scan and Clean the drives with a good antivirus and make sure all the disks are free from virus.
  2. Now open Command Prompt (i.e. cmd.exe) by typing  cmd, in Run ( To open it go to Start -> Run, enter cmd and press enter
  3. Goto USB disk drive such as F: in your command prompt
  4. Now run the command DIR /w /a to see all hidden files and folders.
  5. Now run the command attrib to remove all special attributes associated with files and folders as attrib -R -S -H /S /D  *.*
  6. Now delete the autorun.inf with command del autorun.inf
  7. Remove your usb disk and plug it again 
  8. Now you can open the drive by double clicking it in the explorer.
Note : After running the attrib command on files and folders, explorer will show all the hidden files and folders in your usb disk in the explorer. You can delete all unwanted files and folders in explorer itself.


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