Increasing half-open tcp connections in windows xp and later systems

Sometimes we might need to increase the download speed for different downloads such as files, torrents  etc. On windows based systems to prevent rapid spreading of malwares from system to system microsoft introduced a limit to restrict half-open TCP connection limit to maximum of 10. This results in windows not to have more than 10 concurrent half-open outbound TCP connections. New connection attempts are put in a queue and forced to wait. Due to this speed of connection to other PCs is limited.You can change this configuration to your desired value in tcpip.sys file. The tcpip.sys file is a binary file hence require tool to do this. By increasing the half-open tcp connection limits, the tcp connection to remote pc becomes faster. make sure you use this feature carefully as your system might become target to malwares. Hence modify this configuration with all the necessary security measures( security softwares installed and configured )in place.The popular tool available to do this is available here

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