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plutil - a useful command line tool to decode / encode plist files

plutil is very useful command line utility to decode or encode the .plist files if you do not GUI tools like PropertyList Editor or PrefSetter etc.

  1. Type the following command in terminal to convert the binary1 format of plist fle to xml1 format.
    $ sudo plutil -convert xml1 /Library/Preferences/
  2. Now Edit the .plist file.
  3. Type the following command in terminal to convert the xml1 format plist fle back again to binary1 format. 
           $ sudo plutil -convert binary1 /Library/Preferences/

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Firmware and boot ROM version of your mac can be found in two ways.
Way 1 :
1. From "Apple" menu , choose "About This Mac" menu item. 2. Click " More Info " to open "System Profiler" application. 3. Under Contents -> Select Hardware Tree item.
On the right side panel Under hardware overview section, we can see Boot ROM Version and SMC (Firmware) Version.

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