How to enable ssh connection to vmware esxi server

SSH connection by default is disabled to the VMWare ESXi hosts. We can enable the SSH connection on the ESXi host with following steps:

  1. Login into ESXi shell with your root credentials. ( How login as root can be known here )
  2. Open /etc/inetd.conf with vi.
  3. Look for #SSH by scrolling down or searching the string.
  4. Un-comment the line by removing "#" by pressing X from your keyboard.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Now get the process id of inetd by running command as " ps | grep inetd "
  7. Run "Kill -HUP . This would kill the inetd process daemon and inetd is relaunched again.
  8. Now again get the process id of inetd to make sure inetd was lauched again. Now SSH is enabled to the ESXi host.  If inetd was not launched, then restart your ESXi host. This would enable the SSH connection upon restart.


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