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How to remove firmware password prompt on mac if password is forgotten ?

We might end up  in a problem where we forgot the password which we have kept for firmware on mac.  We might see following screen when mac powers on, without leaving any option to reset the password using the DVD or any other mac os x installer disks.
Firmware password prompt

We  can remove this firmware password  prompt by resetting the NVRAM, by following below specified steps:
  1. Change the memory configuration of your mac either by removing one of the RAM's or by adding another RAM to existing setup.
  2. Turn on the mac, Immediately hold command + option + P + R keys on your mac keyboard
  3. Perform NVRAM reset  for 3 times (here you will hear mac chiming for 3 times )
  4. Release the command + option + P + R keys.
 This should have removed the firmware password prompt.


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How to find firmware or boot ROM version in Mac OS X

Firmware and boot ROM version of your mac can be found in two ways.
Way 1 :
1. From "Apple" menu , choose "About This Mac" menu item. 2. Click " More Info " to open "System Profiler" application. 3. Under Contents -> Select Hardware Tree item.
On the right side panel Under hardware overview section, we can see Boot ROM Version and SMC (Firmware) Version.

Way 2 :
Run the below command in terminal to get boot ROM version and SMC(firmware) version :
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