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How to fix broken python module easy_install on mac ?

           Easy Install is a python module (easy_install) bundled with setuptools that lets you automatically download, build, install, and manage Python packages. Sometimes due wrong installations easy_install might get corrupted and fail to install any package afterwords. You might see errors like below when you try to install any modules

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/easy_install", line 7, in
    from setuptools.command.easy_install import main
  File "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/setuptools/", line 12, in
    import setuptools.version
  File "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/setuptools/", line 1, in
    import pkg_resources
  File "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/pkg_resources/", line 72, in
    import packaging.requirements
  File "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/packaging/", line 59, in
    MARKER_EXPR = originalTextFor(MARKER_EXPR())("marker")

TypeError: __call__() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)

To fix broken easy_install follow below steps on Mac.

1. Remove old easy_install related scripts from system.

sudo rm -f /usr/bin/easy_install*
sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/easy_install*

2. Download and run

curl -O
sudo python
sudo rm

3. Now try installing any python package of your choice.


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